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Pass a PHP Array to Javascript as JSON using AJAX and json_encode
You will mostly likely (or already have) reached a point where you have a PHP array and you need to be able to access that array from inside a Javascript function. You may wonder if it is possible to pass an array from PHP to Javascript. Fortunately I have created a tutorial on how this can be achieved. Below I will show you how to Pass a PHP Array to Javascript as JSON using AJAX. There are two parts to accomplish this task.


/* set out document type to text/javascript instead of text/html */
header("Content-type: text/javascript");

/* our multidimentional php array to pass back to javascript via ajax */
$arr = array(
                "first_name" => "Darian",
                "last_name" => "Brown",
                "age" => "28",
                "email" => ""
                "first_name" => "John",
                "last_name" => "Doe",
                "age" => "47",
                "email" => ""

/* encode the array as json. this will output [{"first_name":"Darian","last_name":"Brown","age":"28","email":""},{"first_name":"John","last_name":"Doe","age":"47","email":""}] */
echo json_encode($arr);


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