Fri, 27 Apr 2018
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Setup a Cloud Server on Linux server.

Millions of people are putting their files into cloud storage so they can access them wherever they go, or as a backup. But at the same time, security concerns about cloud services like Dropbox continue, whether they be government spying, hackers, or weaknesses in security.

So it's interesting to see that many major brands of Network Attached Storage (NAS) boxes let you create your own "personal cloud" or "private cloud". In particular, Western Digital launched its My Cloud personal storage by asking the question "Who wants to keep their precious content in some mysterious location?"

Cloud storage is really pooled storage in a central location that can be accessed across the Internet from almost any device. In theory, it's not really all that difficult from a technical point of view.

So are these private/personal clouds all they're cracked up to be, and is it worth setting one up for your files?
We decided to put one of the market leaders in storage to the test. We set up a Seagate Business Storage 4-bay NAS equipped with four 4TB drives configured in a RAID5 configuration. This gave us about 12TB of usable space with redundancy in case a drive fails. It took us about an hour to get everything up and running with a laptop, smartphone and tablet all accessing the device with different user accounts.

Each separate user we created had access to a private folder and a shared folder that everyone could access. This gave us a similar set up to many small businesses.

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